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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Joy of Love

Trying to catch up on Joy of Love (now that it's over, oops)! I missed a few of the prompts and someday I will go back and complete them. I also hope to go back and edit all of the photos from the month once I get some new software (these are all still SOOC).

Joy of Love
Day 14
Wedding Bands
1/50 F5.6 ISo800

Day 15
Ava giving Daisy a big kiss! 
1/50 F5 ISO800

Day 16
Together (self portrait)
Eeek! The shadows are way harsh in this. But it is SOOC and I do plan on trying to fix it up a bit someday. Anyway, here we are!

Day 17
Staying In
This is one of Ava's favorite things to do on those days where we stay home (and sit around in pj's) all day! 
1/30 F4.5 ISO1600

Day 18
Going Out
Fail :(

Day 19
When They're Gone
Fail :(

Day 20
When They're Home
There's always mess! 
1/50 F4.5 ISO800

Day 21
Ava's cute, chubby hands. I cut up her grapes for lunch. She spent almost her whole time at the table trying to "fit" them back together. 
1/125 F5.6 ISO1600

Day 22
Face (portrait)
1/50 F4.5 ISO1600
Day 23
Facebook Picture
Ava at 1 month
Shot in automatic 

Day 24
Where you Fell in Love
Fail :(

Day 25
When you Love them the Most
When they are truly happy!
1/800 F5.6 ISO800

Day 26
Fail :(

Day 27
What They Say
Ava's newest fav sentence is "I do it by I self"! Haha! Here she is trying to pour paint into a bottle (for a recent craft project) by herself! 
1/100 F5.6 ISO1600
Day 28
The Future
I hope that you always remember that you are smart, funny, and oh so beautiful! You can accomplish whatever you set your mind to and I know the future will bring great things for you.
1/80 F5.6 ISO1600

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  1. Aw. I love the picture of Ava kissing Daisy duck. Soo cute. It reminds me of my Miss Hannah. She's been asking me to give her stuffed guys kisses on the nose. Too cute!