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Friday, January 14, 2011

Shot and Edit: Winter

Okay folks, here is my before (in case you forgot)!

And here is the after...
I started off following Ashley's tutorial but tweaked things a little to fit my photo:
1.Created a duplicate and applied high pass filter 
2.Adjustment Layer: Levels 
Shadows 5
Midtones 1.38
3. I skipped Adjustment Layer: Color Balance
4.Adjustment Layer: Black and White (@9% opacity)
5.Adjustment Layer: Brightness (+11) and Contrast (+25)
6.Ran Florida Action

Here they are side by side for a better look!
Do you think I went to light? I would love to hear what you think!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Art of Composition #2

So the challenge at Psychemage Photography this week is Lines: Forks
I bumped the contrast WAY up on these but I like how they turned out! Although, looking at them now, I wish I had polished them or something :) hehe they are covered in water spots!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Shoot and Edit-Winter

There is a new challenge beginning this week: Shoot and Edit. You link your SOCC photo up to Jill's blog then later in the week, you edit it and re-post on Ashley's blog. Should be interesting! The first theme is "Winter". Since we just so happened to have a heat wave (low 40s), all of our snow melted! Strange how it just happened to occur when I wanted to snap a few new shots for this challenge. I decided to use this photo of Ava that I took a couple of weeks ago. She is catching snow on her tongue!

Is anyone else having trouble posting linkys lately? For the past few days, I have had the worst time. It just comes up all scrambled instead of with a pic!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Art of Composition #1

So there is a new photo meme that is starting up this week over at Psychemage Photography. This weeks challenge is Rocks. I am excited for this new meme because I love black and white photos!

This is a photo of Ava with her rock collection. That girl loves rocks! I'm not sure if I really aced the concept behind the assignment with this one, but I really like this photo. It will definitely help me to view some other entries!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

December Photo Hunt

This months challenge was a little confusing. It was orginally supposed to be a 10 item challenge but the challenge creator decided to post last Decembers items (for her own personal reasons). This was a list of 20 items of course, so I wasn't sure if we were supposed to complete all of them or just choose 10 from the list. I decided that I would just complete as many as I could and instead of freaking out and trying to capture those 3-4 photos that I always have incomplete at the end of the month, I would just relax and leave them out. 

1.Holiday Lights
Our Christmas lights hanging from the balcony

2.Holiday Spirit

3.Holiday Treats
A yummy treat we got at a Christmas market. It was a chocolate covered apple mouse

Ava's very first ornament

5.Gift Wrapped Package

6.Window Display

7.Winter/Holiday Icon
Ava and Santa! No lap pics, this was just about as close as she was willing to get to him

At one Christmas market we went to there were these cute little reindeer made out of trees

Making cookies for Santa

10.Something that says Noel
Some of our Christmas decorations. Can you spot the word "Noel"?

11.Something Precious
We have been potty training (very successfully I might add), and Ava insisted that I move her potty in front of the tree so she could admire it while she went! I thought that was pretty precious

12.Something Peaceful

13.Something Hot

14.Something Cold
Snow, of course

15.Something Red
I am making invitations for Ava's birthday party!

16.Something Green

17.Motion Blur
Clearly, someone hasn't been told that you shouldn't shake babies!

18.Black and White with Selective Color