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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

10 on 10

I found out about this challenge called 10 on 10 last month. Basically, on the 10th day of the month you take one picture every hour for ten hours to document your day ( and see the beauty in the little things).
I thought this month I would give it a try, so......

8:00 AM
Good Morning! Ava was fussing at me for bringing my camera into her room this morning. Such a silly girl! :)

9:00 AM
Lucy (our dog) finally chewed a hole into this elephant toy. I spent the next few minutes of my morning picking fluff off of the carpet.  

10:00 AM
Finally time to get ready! Every time we run the bathroom sink, our cats come running (yes both of them). They love drinking from this sink. I guess I can't blame them. I wouldn't want to drink room temp water from a bowl that may or may not have dog drool in it either!

11:00 AM
Ava and I had some errands to run this morning, unfortunately it was a waste. We went to the post office in hopes that our Christmas cards (which shipped 3 wks ago) were finally in. They weren't! Then we took Lucy to the community center in hopes to photograph her with Santa (my plan was that this would help Ava be more comfortable when it is her turn with Santa this weekend), but Santa wasn't there. Ava told me that Santa was gone because he needed to eat his "kiss miss kookies"! 

Anyway, I can't lie, we didn't drive this car today. This is my car but it doesn't have winter tires (which is dangerous and illegal), but my husband works nights and of course recently drove the Explorer so the amount of snow on it wasn't as nice. So I ran across the parking lot to snap this shot before we drove off in the other car!

12:00 PM
Lunch time! Yummy! Ava had tomato basil wheat thins, cheddar cheese, pb&j sandwich, and grapes. In this picture she is licking the flavor off of her wheat thins! 

1:00 PM
It's getting close to nap time. Ava is picking out the books she wants me to read to her before she lays down.

2:00 PM
 Ava is asleep, so now it's my time! Yippee! And how did I spend it today? On Facebook of course! :P

3:00 PM
Whoops, no shot! I laid down for a few minutes too! 

4:00 PM
 After snack time, we decided to complete another one of Ava's Christmas crafts. Today she worked on a penguin wreath. It came out so cute! She loves crafting!

5:00 PM
Today was our first trip back to physical therapy since Ava's surgery. I took this shot while we were on the elevator. I had planned on taking a few shots during the therapy session but they hired a new therapist while we were gone so I was busy with "get to know you" stuff. Anyway, Ava seemed to like the new lady, Lana, which is really awesome since we will be seeing her twice a week! 

6:00 PM
So usually I like to have dinner on the table by 6:00 pm but that didn't happen today. By the time Ava and I returned home from therapy it was almost 6:00! Tonight we made pizza (Ava LOVES making pizza). This is the dough!

ten on ten button

Thursday, December 2, 2010

30 Days 1 Thing

Set 6
November 26-30 

Well this is it folks! The 30 Days 1 Thing challenge has come to an end. Don't worry, I am sure that you'll still see Hemi around!

Day 26
Under the tree seems to be a favorite hiding place for all of the pets, including Hemi.

Day 27
Hemi sitting in the Christmas tree. She was drawn to the lights like a moth.

Day 28
Hemi is looking out the window at one of our first decent snowfalls of the season.

Day 29
When the weather outside is frightful, sometimes you just have to find someone warm to cuddle up with!

Day 30
Well we made it! 30 days of Hemi! Now time to celebrate!

In case you missed the rest of my 30 Days 1 Thing Project, here are the links:

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November Photo Hunt

Another month complete! Yippee! Hope you enjoy what I ended up with.
1. Home Sweet Home
Our apartment is the one on the bottom right. This is the first time that we have ever lived on base and it definitely has its ups and downs!

2. Thankful
I am thankful for LOVE and LAUGHTER!

3. Family
I set up the trusty tripod to capture a few shots of us decorating our Christmas tree.

4. I Ate This
(the first shot is my actual entry)
Yes I did cheat and cook my family a turkey in a bag! But what started out like this........
 Ended up like this! And it was yummy delicious!

5. A Turkey
Ava and I made these cute little turkeys out of rice crispys

6. Something Handmade
My little sister, Megan, knitted this scarf for me

7. Something Hot
Our radiator! Over here there really isn't central heat and air. You get radiators and fireplaces.

8. Something Cold
Ice, enough said! :P

9. Something Orange
This is an orange ape that my husband sent me a couple of years ago, during his first deployment.

10. Anything Goes (A shot from November)
I took this picture of Lucy earlier in the month for the Alphabet Challenge (I is for Incognito). I just think it is so darn cute!
Go and Check out the other entries, HERE

Monday, November 29, 2010

Alphabet Soup-Letter K

K is for Kiwi

K is for Kissing a Kitty cup
Didn't I tell you that she is in love with this new cup! A few days ago I caught her giving the Hello Kitty kisses during lunch.

K is for Kids will be Kids
Ava figured out that if you stick your finger in peanut butter, you can then use it to get little pieces of apple to stick to you. She was so proud of herself! Ah, the little things in life!

Friday, November 26, 2010

30 Days 1 Thing

Set 5
Nov. 21-25

Day 21
Today we built Hemi her dream house. This one is way more awesome then Barbie's!

Day 22
Hey a little privacy, please!

Day 23
Hemi in a mountain of crayons. We have been very busy crafting.

Day 24
More crafts. Hemi found her way into a pile of colorful Christmas cones. We are going to use these to make a Christmas countdown!

Day 25
I meant to take a picture of Hemi scarfing down some Thanksgiving dinner, but I forgot. Now my hubby has all the left overs at work so we couldn't even stage a shot. :( Oh, well! I did manage to get a photo during bath time.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ladybug Edit

Ashley Sisk posted a gorgeous ladybug edit (well two actually). She made her original available for anyone who wanted to practice editing. Well I need lots of practice, so here it goes!

I have never used someone else's photo for editing practice so it still seems a little strange to me. My work will never compare to Ashley's but hopefully I was able to do her photo justice!

Here's what I did:
1. Crop

2. Selective Color: 
Reds: Cyan -56%, Magenta -4%, Yellow +3%, Black +13%
Black: Black +6%

3. Curves:
RGB: Output 133, Input 102
Blue: Output 45, Input 57

4. Added texture from Shadowhouse Creations (Vintage Canvas2) @47%

5. Removed texture from the ladybug's body (but not legs)

30 Days 1 Thing

Set 4
Nov. 16-20
Day 16
Ava was playing with Hemi (as well as spotted dog and our homemade sock turkey) and happened to walk away and leave this. I think Hemi might have a promising future as a cheerleader!

Day 17
Hemi: A view from above

Day 18
So I missed out on a recent challenge (liquify). I was bummed since I have never tried to use that tool. I decided to give it a shot on my own. I used the bloat tool on Hemi's nose to perform a little rhinoplasty.

Day 19
Hemi had to take a little break. Even models need time to play!
Day 20
Hemi playing the piano. I bet you didn't know she was so talented!

30 days one thing

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Alphabet Soup-Letters I and J

Opps! I forgot about the Alphabet Challenge last week! I am double posting letters this week to catch back up. Sorry, I really don't know how this slipped my mind.

I is for Ice

I is for Incognito
Poor Lucy, she puts up with so much!

J is for Jewelery
A girl can never have to much bling!

J is for Jelly

And this is what Ava does to her PB&J any time I make it for her!

Since I goofed last week, I am leaving you guys with a bonus shot! Okay, really Ava just wanted me to photograph her new cup! It's Hello Kitty and she freaking loves it! :)

Want to see more? Of course you do!