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Monday, November 15, 2010

30 Days 1 Thing

Set 3
Days 11-15

Day 11
Don't worry friends, she's only playing dead! :P

Day 12
Hemi decided she needed a late night snack so she is raiding the fridge!

Day 13
I am not sure what Hemi is up to in this shot. But that bowl does make a cool reflective surface.

Day 14
I am starting to run out of ideas for this project so I asked my daughter Ava what we should do with Hemi. She suggested we photo her in the play tunnel. Ava also wanted in on the action, so she snapped a few shots with her camera.


Day 15
Who you looking at? Hemi and Lucy are having a stare down. Wonder who is going to blink first!

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30 days one thing


  1. Oh my.. I love following your 365. I giggle at you narration. Today.. I Laughed Out Loud! Love the adventures of Hemi.