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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October Scavenger Hunt

For those of you who keep up with my family blog, you know that I spent most of October in TN with my family (while Ava recovered from her Triangle Tilt surgery). I took the majority of these shots while I was there. I am very proud to say that all of these shots are new from this month, no archived ones! Yippee!
1. In Disguise
A shot of my daughter, Ava, dressed as a cat for Halloween.
2. Crisp
A crisp (and juicy) apple.
3. Fall Colors
Pumpkins put everyone in that fall spirit.
4. Jack O'Lantern
A shot a few traditional jack o'lanterns but then decided everyone would probably post that! :) I thought I would go a different route.

5. Shot from the Ground
I was shooting from the ground to get this shot of my ceiling fan.
6. Landscape
A field near my parents house. I waited for days for those cows to come near that truck.
7. Fall Tradition
Trick-or-Treating (and eating to much candy)!
8. Books
Scoping out the selection of books at the used book store.
9. Dining
One of my favorite fast food restaurants to visit whenever I am back home.
10. Child/Children
Well Ava of course! This was during a trip to the zoo with Grammie (aka Mimi) and Grampa.
11. Faces in Nature
I didn't think that I was ever going to find an entry for this category, but I finally did it. Do you see the face?
12. Tilt Shift
Ava and her friend visiting a pumpkin patch while we were at Nana and Papa's house. I admit that this was not the best shot to use for this technique. It doesn't matter though, I still think it turned out cute.
13. B&W with Selective Coloring
So I didn't make this a true black and white but I did mute the surrounding colors to let that one pumpkin stand out.
14. Bokeh
A shot of some bamboo.
15. Best Shot from the 23rd
We went to the Art in the Park festival. These are some of the musical performers.
16. Something from the Kitchen
Mom made some yummy garlic, cheese bread.
17. Something Vintage
An old Coke cooler that belongs to my parents.
18. Something Creepy
My sister knew about this family who decorates their driveway with bloody hands and rats each Halloween. I went with her to photograph it. I ended up crawling up this driveway on my hands and knees with my butt up in the air and an unfortunate hole in my pants (which I was informed of after the fact) for all the passerby's to see!
19. Something Golden
 The golden arches, of course!
20. Self Portrait
My reflection in my parent's kitchen cabinet knobs.

Want to see how everyone else interpreted these categories?


  1. Great job!! I love your landscape shot! Gorgeous!

  2. You've done such a great job Sarah. I think my favorites are your landscape and dining shots! Well done.

  3. These are awesome. I miss Tennessee! I really love your vintage, landscape and in disguise.

  4. I love ALL your photos !!!!! 18. is so cool and creepy ! maybe one day I have something like that in my garden in Halloween :) 19. I don't like because I don't like McDonalds. I like regular barbecue food instead. 20. is very clever but I would like to see your face more clearer :)

  5. These are great shots, I like the perspectives of your shots

  6. they are all so good I could never pick a favorite. I did love the tenderness in the first shot and the uniqueness of using the pumpkin for your fall color. Loved creepy and the story that went along with it. I enjoyed looking at your entries. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. I LOVE your shot from the ground - so neat! Great job with all of these:)

  8. Love your Disguise and Crisp shots! Your face in nature is great!!

    Thanks so much for coming by my blog!

  9. I love your shot from the ground image! I never even thought to interpret it from that angle. I also love your landscape image. I have a thing for farms...even though I'm a suburban girl!

  10. love the landscape shot. your creepy story is funny...all for the sake of getting the right shot, hahaha!

  11. These photos are great. The creepy is really disgusting - can imagine that it causes quite a lot of little kids to be scared around christmas time.

  12. Thanks for the nice comment on my own photo hunt entries! I love your style of photography - very realistic and honest. I think my favorite out of yours photo is the vintage coke cooler! I love the contrast between the red cooler and the green grass.

  13. HAHAHAHAHA! Love your Golden picture! Faces formed in nature is awesome too! Great job!

  14. Hey thanks for the comment! I love your "In Disguise" photo. What a precious little face!

  15. I'm so late, but great shots! I really like crisp because I love Ava's chubby little hand in it, and I like shot from the ground a lot too. Like many others though I think landscape is my favorite. Great composition on that one, totally worth the perseverance!