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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Alphabet Soup-Letters I and J

Opps! I forgot about the Alphabet Challenge last week! I am double posting letters this week to catch back up. Sorry, I really don't know how this slipped my mind.

I is for Ice

I is for Incognito
Poor Lucy, she puts up with so much!

J is for Jewelery
A girl can never have to much bling!

J is for Jelly

And this is what Ava does to her PB&J any time I make it for her!

Since I goofed last week, I am leaving you guys with a bonus shot! Okay, really Ava just wanted me to photograph her new cup! It's Hello Kitty and she freaking loves it! :)

Want to see more? Of course you do!


  1. great photos looks like she really gets "into" her pb & j sandwiches (o:

  2. These are all great. That jelly photo is awesome!

  3. Love the doggie in glasses great photo details

  4. Okay, the dog shot is too adorable. And I love the shot of the jelly coming out of the container. I was going to do jelly, because the girls almost always have pb&j for lunch. I just wasn't sure how to make it interesting. You did a great job.
    Now, see, you should have saved the Hello Kitty shot for K. :)