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Friday, November 5, 2010

30 Days 1 Thing

Photos from Nov. 1-5, 2010

Ava absolutely loves my parents dog, Emma. She talks about her nonstop! While we were in TN, we happened to find a small toy dog that looks somewhat like Emma and Ava loves it, too! Ava still can't say Emma so she calls her Hemi (her version of Emmy)! I decided to use Hemi dog as my object for the 30 Days 1 Thing challenge. I will be posting my photos in 5 day intervals! 

Here's the real Hemi (Emma)!

And here's the first set of Hemi photos!
Day 1:
Introducing Hemi 

Day 2:
Hemi and Ava playing in the dollhouse. Hemi is attempting to make it up the stairs.

Day 3:
I found Hemi sitting in the dollhouse like this, this morning. I don't know what she is doing exactly. Perhaps she is giving that other dog a bath!

Day 4:
Hemi sneaking a little snack from Lucy's bowl.

Day 5:
Hemi hanging out in one of our many toy buckets after night time clean-up time.

30 days one thing

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