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Friday, December 10, 2010

10 on 10

I found out about this challenge called 10 on 10 last month. Basically, on the 10th day of the month you take one picture every hour for ten hours to document your day ( and see the beauty in the little things).
I thought this month I would give it a try, so......

8:00 AM
Good Morning! Ava was fussing at me for bringing my camera into her room this morning. Such a silly girl! :)

9:00 AM
Lucy (our dog) finally chewed a hole into this elephant toy. I spent the next few minutes of my morning picking fluff off of the carpet.  

10:00 AM
Finally time to get ready! Every time we run the bathroom sink, our cats come running (yes both of them). They love drinking from this sink. I guess I can't blame them. I wouldn't want to drink room temp water from a bowl that may or may not have dog drool in it either!

11:00 AM
Ava and I had some errands to run this morning, unfortunately it was a waste. We went to the post office in hopes that our Christmas cards (which shipped 3 wks ago) were finally in. They weren't! Then we took Lucy to the community center in hopes to photograph her with Santa (my plan was that this would help Ava be more comfortable when it is her turn with Santa this weekend), but Santa wasn't there. Ava told me that Santa was gone because he needed to eat his "kiss miss kookies"! 

Anyway, I can't lie, we didn't drive this car today. This is my car but it doesn't have winter tires (which is dangerous and illegal), but my husband works nights and of course recently drove the Explorer so the amount of snow on it wasn't as nice. So I ran across the parking lot to snap this shot before we drove off in the other car!

12:00 PM
Lunch time! Yummy! Ava had tomato basil wheat thins, cheddar cheese, pb&j sandwich, and grapes. In this picture she is licking the flavor off of her wheat thins! 

1:00 PM
It's getting close to nap time. Ava is picking out the books she wants me to read to her before she lays down.

2:00 PM
 Ava is asleep, so now it's my time! Yippee! And how did I spend it today? On Facebook of course! :P

3:00 PM
Whoops, no shot! I laid down for a few minutes too! 

4:00 PM
 After snack time, we decided to complete another one of Ava's Christmas crafts. Today she worked on a penguin wreath. It came out so cute! She loves crafting!

5:00 PM
Today was our first trip back to physical therapy since Ava's surgery. I took this shot while we were on the elevator. I had planned on taking a few shots during the therapy session but they hired a new therapist while we were gone so I was busy with "get to know you" stuff. Anyway, Ava seemed to like the new lady, Lana, which is really awesome since we will be seeing her twice a week! 

6:00 PM
So usually I like to have dinner on the table by 6:00 pm but that didn't happen today. By the time Ava and I returned home from therapy it was almost 6:00! Tonight we made pizza (Ava LOVES making pizza). This is the dough!

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  1. This is a really great idea! Nice insight to your day! Great pics!

  2. I love your cat photos!! What a beautiful day!! :)

  3. Great set! Those cat pix are really cool.

  4. Love your day - your cats crack me up. My cat likes to drink from the shower.

  5. The cats drinking are too funny! Stopping in from Ten on Ten.

  6. What a cool meme! My cats growing up did the same thing with the sink. They would almost trip you racing to the bathroom.

  7. There is nothing quite like a homemade pizza on a friday night! I agree that her wreath is fantastic.

  8. What a lovely day. I loved seeing it through your lens and the penguin craft was darling. My grams cat would drink straight from the sink, too. Cute kitty you have!

  9. what a fun day. . .love the shot of the car covered with snow, ya gotta love winter!

    Our daughters like to keep us in line, huh!!
    Too cute that you captured it!

  10. The cat's eyes are so pretty in that shot! And, I love how it looks like your daughter is telling you off in the first shot. Like, "Mommy! You know I can't have you taking photos of me when I still have bed head!" : )

  11. Looks like a lovely day! We have pizza every Friday night also...sometimes we make it, sometimes we order it!

  12. How fun. The cat shots are great.

  13. My cat is always drinking out of the kitchen faucet. My daughter thinks it is hilarious.