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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November Photo Hunt

Another month complete! Yippee! Hope you enjoy what I ended up with.
1. Home Sweet Home
Our apartment is the one on the bottom right. This is the first time that we have ever lived on base and it definitely has its ups and downs!

2. Thankful
I am thankful for LOVE and LAUGHTER!

3. Family
I set up the trusty tripod to capture a few shots of us decorating our Christmas tree.

4. I Ate This
(the first shot is my actual entry)
Yes I did cheat and cook my family a turkey in a bag! But what started out like this........
 Ended up like this! And it was yummy delicious!

5. A Turkey
Ava and I made these cute little turkeys out of rice crispys

6. Something Handmade
My little sister, Megan, knitted this scarf for me

7. Something Hot
Our radiator! Over here there really isn't central heat and air. You get radiators and fireplaces.

8. Something Cold
Ice, enough said! :P

9. Something Orange
This is an orange ape that my husband sent me a couple of years ago, during his first deployment.

10. Anything Goes (A shot from November)
I took this picture of Lucy earlier in the month for the Alphabet Challenge (I is for Incognito). I just think it is so darn cute!
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  1. Great job! I LOVE your something handmade shot, the composition just makes it a really interesting picture.

  2. Paw Paw is following and enjoying every entry
    missed you guys Thanksgiving ,but I envy your travels .

  3. Overall, I really enjoy all of your images. I think it's awesome that you bought a turkey in a bag...totally something I would do. And your something handmade is incredible. That's high fashion looking and I love it!

  4. What wonderful pictures. Your turkey shot is perfect. I'm sure it tasted perfect, too. Your hand made picture is my favorite though. Great work!

  5. Great job! Ilove your handmade shot and turkey shots!!

  6. These are all great. I really love them all, but my favorite is homemade.

  7. Wonderful shots! The last one is so cute.

  8. Your home photo is very cool ! and that what you ate looks delicious. Turkey is SUPER ! (a little scary :) Hot and cold are classic ! Handmade is so beautiful nd orange, I loke it a lot ! (hey I must link here my sisters blog so you can see nice handcrafts blog in http://stikkari.vuodatus.net/ Your last pic is HILARIOUS, COOL, PERFECT !!!!!!