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Thursday, December 2, 2010

30 Days 1 Thing

Set 6
November 26-30 

Well this is it folks! The 30 Days 1 Thing challenge has come to an end. Don't worry, I am sure that you'll still see Hemi around!

Day 26
Under the tree seems to be a favorite hiding place for all of the pets, including Hemi.

Day 27
Hemi sitting in the Christmas tree. She was drawn to the lights like a moth.

Day 28
Hemi is looking out the window at one of our first decent snowfalls of the season.

Day 29
When the weather outside is frightful, sometimes you just have to find someone warm to cuddle up with!

Day 30
Well we made it! 30 days of Hemi! Now time to celebrate!

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  1. I like day 26 & Day 30. Too cute! I will miss you Hemi.