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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Art of Composition #2

So the challenge at Psychemage Photography this week is Lines: Forks
I bumped the contrast WAY up on these but I like how they turned out! Although, looking at them now, I wish I had polished them or something :) hehe they are covered in water spots!


  1. I love the shadows on the second picture! You really did a good job with the exercise.

  2. Great composition, I love both shots! I'm reading this on my phone but I definitely don't see any water spots.

  3. Both photos are wonderful. The leading lines of the first photo implies the form of a star. The second photo, it has such wonderful lighting.

    Did you use extra lighting or was it all taken under natural light?


  4. Thanks everyone! Halie-I did use extra light. The lighting in my apartment sucks plus it was dark outside! :( I took the shade off of one of our lamps and made my hubby hold it at different angles until I got a decent shadow!

  5. I think the look great. Wonderful photos. I can't see the water spots.

  6. Hi there! :D Thanks for visiting my challenge entry.

    What I like about your first photo is how the reflections on the fork handles make these cute tadpole-shaped lines, almost like swirls of cream. The high contrast really makes it pop out.

    I like your second photo better - clean, graceful lines. It's like the portrait of a lonely fork :D