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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Joy of Love

Joy of Love
Day 5
Love to Hate

Love to hate....hmm
I am not sure that I hate anything about any of my loved ones, but there are plenty of little things that may or may not cause my eye to uncontrollably twitch on a regular basis! hehe

Like water bottles. My husband drinks so much water (good thing). Most of the time he uses a refillable thermos (another good thing). But there are plenty of times a day when he winds up drinking from a regular water bottle (don't worry, we recycle). These bottles always end up strewn around the house for me to pick up (bad thing). When I staged this shot my husband laughed and asked if I thought this was a bit of an exaggeration (the amount of bottles). Well sure, maybe for one sitting but not for an entire day! I can't really complain, at least he's being health conscience!  

1/13 F5.6 ISO1600 

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  1. I was laughing when I read about the eye twitching. So funny. Very creative photo.