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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Joy of Love

Joy of Love
Day 1-What They Do
They Sleep! 
(Pictured is my cat Lola)

Ugh, I had SO many great ideas for this. Nothing I did was working out for me today :( I am still very new to full manual shooting so the majority of my photos don't turn out "usable". Today was no exception. If you have any suggestions at all, please let me know. Throughout this monthly class I am hoping for people to step up and be blunt with me. I would love to hear from you whether you like my shots or not! The lighting in my house is terrible (all florescent) and the natural lighting in Germany during the winter is also terrible! I had to bump the ISO all the way up so I ended up with a lot of noise (probably didn't need it so high for this shot, but I had just finished trying to photo Ava and didn't change it).
Also, I don't know if we are allowed to manipulate these photos in photoshop so I posted both the original as well as the "tweaked".

1/10  F9.0  ISO1600

Levels Adjustment: Shadows 5 Mid-tones 1.30
Curves Adjustment
Brightness +5
Contrast +9
Crop and Watermarked

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