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Monday, August 2, 2010

Introducing Lucy

I had been searching for a dog for several weeks but up until this point, nothing had worked out. On Saturday I forced everyone into the car and we drove 1 1/2hrs to pick up Lucy (formally known as Zoey). During the meet-n-greet session, Lucy's former mommy rambled on and on about everything and anything (whether it had to do with the dog or not). The entire time we were there, she kept feeding Lucy these bacon treats (and encouraging all of us to feed her too). Of course Lucy promptly gobbled them down. As we were loading Lucy into my car her former mommy informed us of something...Lucy gets car sick! Great we just fed her an entire baggie of fake bacon! The whole ride home I kept praying that Lucy would make it without getting sick. It took us 1hr 27min to get back to the main entrance of the base. Perfect (I smugly thought to myself) she made it all the way! As we pulled up to the gate so the guard could check our IDs, I heard a noise coming from the backseat. NO!!! Just moments from our front door, the bacon made a reappearance.

Since we now have three fur covered animals living in our house, the need for flea protection is very important. I decided that today we would drive out to the vet to have Lucy weighed and pick up some Frontline (since I can't get her a regular visit until the 17th). The morning was quite busy for us so I opted to make this trip after Ava's afternoon nap. Of course Lucy decided that she needed to chow down her entire bowl of dog food before we make the 25 min journey to the vets office (are you crazy, Lucy we are about to take a car ride). I laid old towels out on Lucy's seat in preparation of the ride (and the vomit). During the trip over I was petting Lucy and reassuring her (as well as myself) that everything would be alright and we would be there soon. We got all the way to the vet and noticed the parking lot was very empty. The large sign on the door stated that they closed at 4:00 and it was 4:20! Fabulous! I turned the car around and headed home, hoping that we could make it there before Lucy got sick. Well folks, we made it. It was a nerve racking pointless trip but we all survived. Guess we will try it again tomorrow!

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