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Monday, August 16, 2010

Muy Bien

It has been a rainy, chilly, all around yucky past few days. Ava loves going to the playground but every time she asks to go I am forced to tell her no due to the weather. I try to explain to her that it is raining and we can't play in bad weather. We even look out the window in hopes that someday she will make the connection. When we looked out the window at the playground today, I noticed that someone left a sippy cup (probably forgotten in a hasty dash to escape the rain). This cup caused me to have a flash back to something that happened to us just a few short weeks ago on this very playground.

Ava and I were out on the playground enjoying the slides, seesaw, etc. when a small boy (Mateo) around the age of 2 1/2 approached us. He appeared to be of a Hispanic background and the woman that was with him only spoke Spanish (although he was bilingual). Ava usually makes plenty of little friends while out playing so having him cling to her wasn't a surprise to me. Mateo was probably one of the best behaved, most polite small children that I have ever met and they played together for around 30 or 45 min. During this time Mateo would go back to his mother, babysitter, whoever she was to get a drink. Occasionally he would walk around the playground with his little juice box in hand. 

At one particular trip over to his mother, Mateo got bumped by someone on the swings and he fell down. Of course he was fine and bounced back quickly but, I told Ava that we should go and check on our friend. The two of us walked over to Mateo (and his mother) to see if he was alright. At that moment he handed Ava his juice box and before I could grab it she stuck the straw in her mouth. Mateo's mother kept clapping and shouting muy bien Mateo, muy bien as though she were so proud of him for sharing. Now I took Spanish in High School and granted I don't remember much but I knew what she was saying. All I could think to myself was No, No Bien! No! The whole ordeal lasted probably less then 10 secs but it seemed to play out in slow motion and go on forever. Those of you who know me, I mean really know me, understand how big of a germ-a-phobe I truly am. I about crapped out a huge spaz-cow right there on the playground. Needless to say we gracefully said goodbye to Mateo and quickly made our way home to sanitize!

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