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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Paci Fairy

Our nearly 19mo old daughter had a serious paci addiction. I know that most dentists simply recomend that children discontinue using pacis by the time they are two, but I was afraid that her attachment would be even stronger by then. My husband and I decided that the best way to handle our little paci situation was to tell Ava that the paci fairy would come to collect all her old pacis and give them to the little babies who still need them. Of course she had no clue what we were rambling on about but she happily obliged. Ava decorated the paci bag with beautiful crayon scribble. She helped us search through the house for her hidden stash and then she put all her pacis in the bag. Laughter could be heard and smiles were seen all around, that is until I closed the paci bag. First she was confused, why would I close the bag and trap all of the pacis in there? She asked (well mimed) for them back. I refused and again explained the paci fairy story to her while ushering her off to bed. She whimpered but didn't put up much of a fight. 15-20 min of tears and sobs (from the both of us) later and she was asleep. She took it surprisingly well. The next day she was thrilled to see the gift that the paci fairy left in exchange. This weekend has been rough for all of us (especially during nap time) but I believe we will make it through this.
Last picture with a paci!

Decorating the paci bag

Filling up the bag

Tada! Now we wait for the fairy

Look what the paci fairy brought!

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