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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Alphabet Soup-Letter A

I have decided to join the Alphabet Soup Challenge (boy, I hope I can stick to it)!  However I am officially one day late so I can't link up to the post this week. :( 
Each week I will link up to the theme/letter. Of course, since this is the first week, the letter is A!
This was a last minute decision so all of these photos were shot today at the Berglangenbach's Farm Fest!

A is for Arrow.

A is for Ava.
She is checking out all of the horses!

A is for Almost.
Ava loved looking at the horses. We decided to attempt riding one. No such luck, she totally freaked out and clung to me with super-human strength! This was as close as we got!
Okay, so this one probably doesn't count since my husband shot it, not me, but I did edit it! I just couldn't resist posting it.

That's all folks! 

If you want to check out some shots from this week (Letter B) just click the linky!

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  1. Love the arrow shot very interesting. And poor little Ada I know just how she feels the little ones aren't so intimidating, but the big one that's another story. thanks for your participation and I look forward to seeing your "B"'s