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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Photo Hunt

Yes! I am so excited to finally be able to post these photos! I took all of them in August and am very proud of the fact that I didn't have to use any archived ones! I tried really hard to keep these a secret for the whole month but I did end up posting 3 of them over the course of the month (man I am bad at keeping secrets). 

This is my first monthly photo hunt challenge! 
Hope you enjoy!

1. Flag
I am an American military wife, who has become a German transplant! So here is the German flag.

2. Something Comfortable
There are so many things that come to mind when I think about comfort: my spot on the couch, my old bathrobe, a comfy sweatshirt. I decided to post a photo of my daughters lovies. They make her feel comfortable and loved causing me to feel that way too!

3. Something in Season
I love the selection of fruit and vegetables in the summertime! Here is a yummy strawberry.

4. Feet
My daughter loves her daddy and he loves her right back! She is always very excited to see him when he gets home from work. 

5. Repetition
I was really struggling to find something awesome to shoot for this category.  I took my daughter for a walk after one of her therapy appointments and VOILA there it was! 

6. Culture or Ethnicity
We took a boat ride during a recent trip to a park. During the ride we past this interesting looking tree. It turns out that the German families in the area go there and hang pacifiers, sippy cups, etc on it once they believe their children have outgrown them! 

7. Contrast
This shot was taken at the same park as the one above. It is a jumbo chess board! The pieces where as tall as Ava!

8. An Indulgence
Okay, so there are really to many things that I could have photographed for this category! I decided to take a picture of one of our favorite little treats. A chocolate hippo from Kinder chocolates! The chocolate inside these hippos just melts in your mouth! So yummy! 

9. A Macro or Closeup
This is a photo that appeared earlier in the month on my blog. It is of some multi-color brads that I used on a scrapbook page.

10. Something Masculine
Why did something masculine and something feminine throw me for such a loop? Anyway, I ended up taking a bunch of shots at a local car show (I mean guys do like cars)! I figured my husband likes cars both new and old so that must be masculine, right?!

11. Something Feminine
Like I mentioned, to tricky! I am a girl yet I found it difficult to decide on an object to display femininity! I settled on make-up. That seems feminine to me (sure, sure some guys out there do wear it too). This shot is of some of my favorite lip gloss!

12. Light
I went a few ways with this category but ultimately landed on this photo of a lamp pole at night!

13. Eco-Friendly
 It is very eco-friendly in Germany! Everyone drives tiny fuel efficient vehicles and it is mandatory to recycle. I thought that a spiral energy efficient light bulb would be both eco-friendly and perhaps, interesting!
14. Business
Like so many businesses out there, this one flopped.

15. An Arrow
Which way did he go, which way did he go! This is a sign (in the shape of several arrows) that I found downtown. 

16. Something Wet
Dew! I am sure that there will be several dew entries but I just couldn't resist. Dew is so beautiful!

17. Something Dry
Something dry.....well towels of course!

18. Butterflies
I really wanted to do well with the next two categories! They had such a deep and special meaning behind them (click to to read about it). I panicked when I saw one category was butterflies since summer has, for the most part, come to an end here and fall has chased most of them away. I was thrilled to stumble upon this one butterfly! Like most of us, his wings are a little tattered and torn but his beauty still shines through! 

19. Heart-Shaped Clouds
What a doozie! Again I really wanted to get an awesome shot for this category! I spent day upon day squinting and straining, staring at the sky. I managed to find two heart- shaped clouds this month but choose this one since it also looks like a hand (off to the right) just finished placing that heart-shaped cloud right there! 

20. Strength
So maybe I stretched this one a little! I can imagine that there will be a lot of muscles and weights, maybe even a little heavy machinery in this category, but I decided to switch it up a little bit! I took this photo of my husband and myself holding hands. I believe that we have a very strong marriage which is something that most people are missing nowadays! Together we can make it through! We have strength in each other.

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  1. love the story behind culture! all of your pictures are pretty amazing! nice work!

  2. I love your strength photo! I also love your business one, but my favorite is your feet shot! Such a precious capture!

  3. Wow -- your photos are absolutely wonderful and I love them all. My favorites are the brads -so colorful, the arrows - that is a lot of places on one sign post, repetition -so cool, the baby tree -so unique. I love the interpretation of feet and strength -- amazing !

  4. love the contrast and masculine! great collection!

  5. Wow, I really love all of your photos! I honestly can't pick a favorite or even one or two favorites-they're great! Good work!

  6. Simply wonderful collection! I love your "strength!" It speaks volumes!

  7. Thanks for commenting on my photos!

    As for your photos, they are great! My favorites are #3, 4, 9, 15, 16, and 20. That is very creative, your strength photo. And the feet photo is just precious! You should enlarge it and print it out.

  8. oh gosh...your feet photo is precious! beautiful pictures!

  9. wonderful photos! i love the close-up and the culture tree.

  10. Great shots! "Feet" is adorable, but my absolute favorite is "masculine."

  11. great entries...I love all your close up shots. I love the detail and the composition. But my favorite is definitely the butterfly. I love the post processing, the composition truly beautiful!! and thanks for the cmt on my blog!

  12. Your interpretation of the items is sooo good. If I had to choose one favorite, I must choose feet. Beautiful shots. Great work.

  13. Love your something masculine...I love Thunderbirds...

  14. Love your photos! The in season one especially!

  15. und wie gut ist dein deutsch?

    Grate shots, I would say the feet one is my fav.

    Also realy like the light and the butterfly with its damged wings.
    Grate inteperiation for strength.

  16. These are great shots. I love the feet shot.

  17. This is my first time stopping by. What great shots! The one for culture/ethnicity is so interesting! Definitely something we don't do here in Southern California!

  18. love the butterfly and the arrows!!

  19. Wow, I had a very hard time deciding which of your photos I liked best. They were all perfectly captured. I do love the feet shot a lot... but really, all your photos are amazing!

  20. You did an awesome job with the challenge!! The butterfly is awesome, so are strength and contrast. Thanks for participating, hope you can join us again in October!

  21. What a fantastic collection of images. I really love your "repetition" image.

  22. All your pictures were so good I don't even think I could pick a favorite. Awesome!

  23. Some great shots here! I really love the feet shot, feminine (the reflection adds a unique view), and your business shot. I tried to find a shut-down business for that shot, but was unsuccessful in finding a good one. I love yours, the newspapers in the window really show the idea of failing businesses. Good work!

  24. Wow, your photos are fabulous! I don't think your stretched the strength idea at all - the first thing I thought of for strength was my parents marriage! :) I really love your repetition and your closeup - but my absolute favorite is feet. LOVE your feet shot! (And I like the story about the tree, how funny! AND you're right, German chocolate IS an indulgence. Mmmmm....)