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Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm a Closet Slob

Housework is something you do that nobody notices until you don't do it. ~Author Unknown

It's time for me to come out of the closet and just admit it:
I'm a slob!

Before becoming a mommy I admit, I was a total slob! Probably worse. I vacuumed once a month only after the cat hair piled so high on the rugs that they appeared to be a different color. I washed the dishes only when the stink coming from the sink would make you gag upon passing it. I washed clothes only after the hubs and I had both gone through not only our good clothes but also the ones that were to big/small/had holes/etc (and sometimes we even wore those more then once). And I dusted, well I never dusted! And aside from a few close family members, the world was none the wiser.

Anyway, things have definitely changed since having my daughter. Now I wash dishes and sweep every day. I vacuum every other other day and dust once a week. My entire bathroom gets a scrub down two times a week. And laundry is done several times a day. It's a total 180 and I have only Ava to thank for that. But for all the wonderful changes she has done for the cleanliness of our house there is one negative that she has caused. She has trashed my car! No joke the thing is a total night-mare of nasty. I am certain that if we drive off the road and crash into a 10ft snow drift and are trapped there for a week waiting for help we would be able to survive solely off of the crumbs in her car seat. Terrible I know. I figure that since I had to wait for a year to finally get my own car out here that I really should take more pride in it and clean the thing up. I realize that this should be something that I do at least once a week. I might give it a try but I don't suspect that it will last!

So with that being said, love me or hate me but just don't judge me based on my filthy car!

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  1. all i can say to this is "hey dad! i dont have the messiest car! so leave my car alone!"