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Monday, July 19, 2010

Seefest at Ohmbachsee

Ready for the festival and rockin her brand new Hello Kitty hat!

Me, I want a hula-hoop

Ava can do tricks too!

You don't even know how badly I wanted to steal one of these ponies. Wonder if anyone would have noticed if I shoved one up my shirt and ran off?

Here's the one, the only Zantac (please take one in the morning and one at night approximately 30minutes to 1 hour prior to eating).

This was his best trick. He made Dory (from Disney's Finding Nemo) move along the ropes hanging from the board. Then he made Nemo and Marlin appear on the other ends.

The dragon boats

Well here is the spectacular finish. The blue team (the one to the far left) won!

Doughnut booth! I wish I was taller. I tried to stand on my tippie toes and take a pic of the inside but I am just to short. They had a mini conveyor belt in there that was dropping the mini doughnuts into a bowl. So cute!

Here's one. These bad boys were so yummy. To bad they cost 7 Euro for a kline (small) bag. I mean there was only 8 in that bag and they were mini!

Ava definitely approved! :)

Went to another festival this weekend (Seefest at Ohmbachsee). Wish I had an excellent getting lost, talking to google-eyed folks type of story to tell but I don't. We totally found it with no problem (probably the first and last time that will ever happen).

Anyway, this particular festival was centered around a lake. Well what the Germans refer to as a lake but it was really a pond. It cost us 4 Euros a piece which I believe is a total rip-off, but what do I know? I was informed that the dragon boat races started at 2pm so I had originally planned on arriving shortly before that. I checked the website early that morning and it said that the races started at 12pm so a quick change of plans and we are all loaded in the car and headed that way. We arrived (completely sidestepping adventure, frustration, and an all around interesting time) around 11:45 and I was so pleased that we had made it in time. Here's the kicker, the website was wrong! Imagine that. The races started at 2pm (like originally informed). Bummer, now what were we going to do to kill 2 hours? Okay, okay let's not panic here. There had to be a couple of interesting things to do.

First we took a walk around the pond where Ava decided to drop something from her stroller approximately every 10 seconds. After playing a fun little game of I'll drop it, you'll pick it up, we decided she needed a little playtime break. Then we found Zantac the magician (that's right he is a magician that also can relieve your heartburn symptoms). He wasn't starting his performance for 30 minutes but he did have some toys set out. Excellent this should go over well for germ-a-phobe mommy! After an ample play time (and plenty of sanitizing hand wipes) the show began. Not exactly the best performance I've ever seen but it was interesting and in the shade.

Finally, the event I had been waiting for...the dragon boat races! Yippee! Oh, what a let down. There were only 4 boats involved and the race lasted a total of 1 minute (that's right folks it took them longer to paddle to the starting point then it did to complete the race). Oh well, at least we got out of the house!

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