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Monday, July 26, 2010

Kitchen Capers

Quick photo op before we begin. Looking good!
Today's flavor: Kiwi banana
(for recipe go to http://weelicious.com/)

Time to start our first smoothie in the new super cheap thrift-store blender. Hope this turns out alright it's not like I can return the thing.

Ava loves helping prepare meals/snacks, and I love letting her even if it does mean that we are all eating off the floor!

Here it is, the finished product! Looks a little gross doesn't it?

The official taste test. Looks like we have a winner. Well kind of.
Results: Kerry hated it, I liked it, Ava was indifferent (she would drink it a little bit in between bites of her snack but she didn't like it enough to chug it)

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