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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Japanese gardens, etc

Went to the Japanese Gardens yesterday. What a beautiful place. Who would have thought that Germans were so into Japanese culture?! Ava had a great time running along the paths and watching the fish. Afterward, we stumbled upon a balloon artist mime. He made the most awesome balloon creations, but after 30 min of waiting Kerry had had enough (plus he was totally creeped out) and so we left empty handed. Today Ava and I finally made it to the library for story time. This task only took us a month of Wednesdays. She enjoyed herself and we ended up taking home 6 books between us. It's my friend "M's" b-day today. We had a slight falling out over the weekend. I felt that she was being inconsiderate, but since it's her special day we managed to get together for dinner. Hopefully this problem between us will correct itself since she is the only real friend I have made since moving to Germany. Checked the post office again today for the tiny grill I ordered from WalMart. It was supposed to be a Fathers Day gift for the hubs but I was let down again when there was nothing in the PO box. Maybe tomorrow!

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