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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Medieval Festival

Since it is summer in Germany this is an all to familiar sight. I guess one would have to expect to see a lot of road construction during the summer months since not a whole lot of outdoor work takes place during the snowy winters.
There is road work approximately every 50 ft (and that's only a mild exaggeration). Ridiculous!

Funny how men seem to listen so well if they figure they can get a laugh out of it. I couldn't roll down the window in fear that the gust of wind would wake my sleeping princess so I had to take my construction pics through the windshield. I simply asked Kerry to clean them BEFORE I started to take pics. At least he did try to clean them even if it wasn't exactly what I had in mind.

This yellow detour sign is strategically placed on almost every main road around here, simply to strike fear into the hearts of every non-German speaking, really bad sense of direction human being that happens to cross its path! This person I speak of would be me of course. So naturally when we came upon this I panicked. I was certain that we would never find the festival. Luckily, we managed to decipher the signs and find our way (only adding 20min to our drive time).

Put on your happy face! It's time for the Medieval festival! I wasn't informed that people who showed up in costume got discounted tickets otherwise we all would have been decked out.

Well here it is, the Medieval Festival. I know it doesn't look like much (it gets better keep going) but it was the best festival we have gone to so far this summer.

There were tons of vendors and people demonstrating different crafts common during this era. This man was craving designs into stone.

These ladies were spinning yarn from wool.

This guy was craving masks. He even made little ones that the kids could wear on their fingers.

This guy was blowing glass into beautiful designs.

Hmm, wonder what this vendor is selling?
Can you spot the dead rats hanging from the lanterns?

The big kids got to practice shooting arrows.

Ava got to watch a puppet show (even if they were speaking German and we had no clue what was going on).

There were lots of singers and musicians. This was clearly a popular profession/pastime in medieval times.

There were knights in shining armor.

There were guys who could chop watermelons with swords. Check out the mean watermelon chop shot I got.

There were even unicorns! How magical!

There were lots of different birds at the festival. Like this owl,

And this falcon,

And this vulture.

Watch out, Ava has a sword and she knows how to use it!

Who wants a piece of me?

Today's festival food was that yummy flat bread pizza that I absolutely LOVE! We tried it with bacon and potato on top.

Like usual, Ava refused to taste it!

Yippee! We got to make a candle. Mr. German Beeswax Man tried to get Ava to smell the wax before we started our project, but she was having none of that!

He then showed us how to roll the wick up in the wax.

This little candle sure took a lot of rolling!

Ta-Da! The finished product! Thanks Mr. German Beeswax Man!

Umm, why on earth did this lady bring her pet rat to the festival? Sorry I am easily distracted!

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